Day 4 – Lunch

Plenty of food today. Gotta keep up my strength for all this high intesity accounting that I am doing.


Day 4

 I’m back on my normal schedule today so I was able to exercise this morning.  1.5 mile barefoot run with 40 pushups along the way.

Breakfast was more of the egg pie and a banana. I’m finding that by upping my starch intake I generally feel much better these days.

Right now I feel great, not headachy, no achy muscles and lots of energy. If this keeps up for the next 26 days I will be stoked!

Day 3




Dinner.. taco salad with some eggs for good measure. Feeling great today! Had more food and that seems to work. Time will tell.

The Cronometer

I plugged all my food from yesterday into the cronometer..  Interestingly, I was low on B1 (Thiamin). This is intertesting because the symptoms of B1 defeciency can be weakness (check), soreness (check) and hair loss (check)..

This also makes sense because B1 is found in whole grain, which aint gonna be happening.

So I’ll be looking for ways to increase my B1  and also my omega 3s which also show as being low on the cronometer.

Dinner time



Prolly too much b’nanner

Lunch Day 1

Nothing to look at.. But pretty tasty.



Morning Day 1

Last weigh in: 170lbs

Exercise: barefoot run, and 60 pushups

First song on the radio.. Born to be wild

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