The Cronometer

I plugged all my food from yesterday into the cronometer..  Interestingly, I was low on B1 (Thiamin). This is intertesting because the symptoms of B1 defeciency can be weakness (check), soreness (check) and hair loss (check)..

This also makes sense because B1 is found in whole grain, which aint gonna be happening.

So I’ll be looking for ways to increase my B1  and also my omega 3s which also show as being low on the cronometer.


2 Comments on “The Cronometer”

  1. Sonya says:

    Never seen the Cronometer – thanks! Interesting on the B1. Looks like eggs and pork, nuts and seeds are listed as good sources of B1 – all of which you eat. Organ meats if you can stomach it. I wonder if maybe we don’t need as much since we don’t really use carbs for energy in our body eating this way? Definitely not good to have those symptoms, though.

    • Cave Dad says:

      I also came up pretty short on calories. I may just be undereating, which would pretty much have the same result.

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