Quiche, steak, and sweet tater



Cooking for the big day.

List of food that I bought for week one:

Ground beef
Sweet taters

Have already:
90% chocolate (still gonna eat it)


15 days left until the 30 day challenge…

15 days left until the 30 day challenge! Going to go from “normal Paleo” to “Super human Paleo” for 30 days to see what it is all about.

What it means for me: No dairy, no chocolate, no coffee, no nuts. More EXERCISE!

What I hope to accomplish:

1. Address my headaches. I still get them.. could it be the coffee? What the hell else will I have left to give up?
2. Waking up stiff and sore. I know I am tense when I sleep, and this is what is likely leading to the headaches.
3. As Doug Hefferenin would say.. Const-pati-EONNNEE.. Got to see if dairy is causing this one, cause I can’t think what else it would be. (Unless too much meat.. not enought veggie)
4. Still want to loose some flabola around the midsection.

Even the longest journey.. a first step.

OK, here I am in 2008. This is in Mexico after having just jumped in a cenote. It was great, but when I looked at the pictures that night, I just though, damnit.. I’m getting fat. Getting fat, just like all the males in my family had done before me. It was my destiny.. I would be fat.

Only something happened after that. I made a discovery, with some help from my smarter friends. One part diet, one part geekery, a good helping of science. I have learned how to eat, to feel good, to look good, and to get closer to becoming a real human again.

I’m not even close to the end of the journey, the learning and the goal. I’m at a point somewhere in the middle, and so I’ll start this blog to share what I know, hopefully get some good comments that will help me learn more, and have a little fun along the way.

Here I am now, at some point along the way..

So.. that is the first post. Not that hard. I’ll post more about real food, what that means and how to finally break free of the density of becoming fat and sick. That is what this site will be about. You will find a 1000 sites on the web that are just like this one. That is good news! That means a lot of us have found the way. A lot of people are shaking off the haze of the modern food/drug. It means more then getting thin, more then feeling healthy. The modern food we eat makes us stupid. It makes us zombie drones. Its like an opiate that turns us into grazing cattle. Once you break free from it, you will feel like you just woke up.